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ockin’ R Roundup or The Ballad of Ropin’ Hood and His Band of Prairie Men is a romantic comedy that runs about 90 minutes.  The cast has 4 major male and 4 major female roles, with a flexible cast of supporting characters and extras.

Ropin’ Hood and his prairie men return from a drive to discover the little town of Rottingham has fallen into the hands of the evil Ida B. King and her shady sheriff, El Lobo.  Ida’s brother (the real mayor) is away on railroad business and the former sheriff, Big John, has mysteriously vanished.  Cattle are being rustled off local ranches, including Ida’s own Crooked K.  El Lobo blames Ropin’ and his men. The innocent outlaw is aided by his sister Ridin’ Hood (Little Red), Granny Hood, sidekick Little Juan, Fryer Cluck (parson and Rockin’ R cook), and true love Miss Marianne.  Together they manage to round up the real rustlers and rescue Rottingham.

Rockin’ R Roundup is well suited for community theatre and dinner theatre (much of the comedy revolves around food) but is not too challenging for students.  Our CD includes performance tracks, demos, scene change music and sound effects.

Contact us if your theatre or school group would like to review a script and CD!

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Rhymetime's #1 Newscast
"Hark! Hark!  The dogs do bark!  Good evening, canines, and welcome to B-A-R-K News, Live at Five.  We're Gooseland's number one rhyme-time newscast, and we make no bones about the truth!"  "BARK NEWS, LIVE @ FIVE" is a humorous 45 minute one act set in a newsroom.

The play is a quick-paced series of newsroom commentaries and "on location" segments including Roving Rover interviews with the little dog that saw the cow jump over the moon and Old Mother Hubbard and her cut-up canine, Hub.  Bonnie Bloodhound takes a "bite out of rhyme" with her interview of Jack and Jill, and gives a weekly Howlywood Report.  BARK'S foreign correspondent, Yip Yap Chin reports live from Asia, where Little Bo Peep's sheep have been spotted.  Bingo delivers the Weather, Barn and Farm Report and Wild and Wooly Sports Report to the tune of his namesake song.  And of course there are commercials:  Wee Willie's Wrinkle Remedy, Miss Muffet's Curd-Based Flea Paste and Pest Repellent, 3 Guys' Meat Pies (Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker), and Old Mother Hubbard's Canine Cupboard and Hair Hut.

Casting is extremely flexible, there are 14 characters, 7 M and 7 F;  the male roles can be easily changed to female characters (i.e., newscaster Nick Nack becomes Patty Whack) or played by females;  cameo roles are easily doubled.

Contact us if your theatre or school group is interested in reviewing a script!